Who are you?

A bossy know-it all.

But more importantly, as this photo clearly proves, I am more than qualified to solve your problems.
  • I’m married, which means that I understand both compromise and the inevitable soul-crushing promise of life. 
  • I lighten my hair, which means I’m exceedingly vain. There is a direct relationship between the unnatural lightness of hair and the self-consciousness of the personality underneath.
  • I drink, which means as far as I’m concerned, nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen. 
  • I’m a college graduate (twice over) which means you can bet I’ve made my share of poor life choices. 
In an effort to streamline my life, which is what this blog is really all about, I’ll be combining the two activities that I find most time-consuming: Giving people advice and complaining about my own problems. Feel free to send me questions however you want (emailFB or comment). I will assume everyone wants to be anonymous since we all think we are the only ones with our particular problems. If I don’t get any questions, rest assured that I will be asking and answering myself, which doesn’t seem that unusual the more I learn about blogging.


In turns out that most people 1.) Submitted questions about other people in a passive aggressive attempt to vent about something the other person did that bothers them or 2.) Submitted boring questions. Your problems are boring.

As a result, curious readers can safely assume that I have made up all these questions. Particularly if they are wondering what kind of liability I'm willing to accept. The answer is none. This is all lies and hyperbole. I'm really a snark machine created in Ukraine. 

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