Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 28. NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo

She thought it would be fun to surprise Joan and show her how well she could control her forms.  If she hurried, she could catch her before she went to work, especially today, since Joan had been up late watching television on the couch.  There was no way she would leave on time.

By the time she got to the house, though, Joan’s car was gone.  “Typical,” she said to no one, “She’s never around when I do something interesting, but the minute I make a mess she appears out of thin air.”  Maybe she could catch her on the way.  She sped down the road Joan took to work, cutting through the fog, the sun burning against her.  The roads were empty, so she reached the bridge in what seemed like no time at all.  She could see Joan’s car waiting for the bridge to lower.  She slowed down.  Now that she was here, it occurred to her that she should use the opportunity to its fullest potential. 

There were two cameras aimed at the area around the bridge.  One was focused on the base of the bridge and the other on the span, but from the opposite side of the road.  That would be tricky.  She would really need to torque around to avoid reflecting any light in either direction.  She wasn’t optimistic.  It seemed more likely she would lose it all after the first camera or that she wouldn’t shift in time and the second camera would get her.  Given the choice between the two, she opted for the one that was less painful, less...explosive. She was a little worried about showing up on camera, but that could always be rationalized, assuming anyone even noticed.  She had already thought about it too much.  Really, it was just the easiest way to mess with Joan and that appealed to her.  She rocked back on the wheels, relishing the feeling of the rough asphalt beneath her, and then she pushed forward.

She didn’t realize that without the normal friction, she would go much faster.  On the way to the house and then to the bridge, she hadn’t thought to use any landmarks to judge her speed.  But now, she reached the bridge so quickly, she almost forgot about the first camera.  At the last possible moment, she dodged and then, before she could even think about the second camera, the fog surrounded her, distracted her, pulled against her.  She tripped.  And she lost it.


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