Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 18. NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo

It was amazing to Joan how quickly she adjusted to life in the hospital.  She liked the quiet.  The way her food just materialized when she was hungry.  The way she could sit and watch TV all day.  The way she could have a pill whenever she got upset.  But she really didn’t get upset anymore.  There was nothing to get upset about.

Every once in a while a woman would come into her room, introduce herself, make some small talk, and eventually ask Joan about the incident on the bridge.  The pattern of communication was eerily similar, but then, so was Joan’s response.

“I saw what I saw.”

Upon hearing her answer, the woman would nod softly and start to leave, pausing only to ask Joan if she needed anything.

There was one woman who would ask something different as she got up.  Not whether Joan needed anything, but whether Joan wanted to do anything.  That’s all she would say, “Do you have any thoughts of doing anything?”

Joan never knew how to respond.  In truth, she didn’t want to do anything.  She just wanted to stay at the hospital and relax.  Not worry.  But that sounded terrible.  It didn’t sound like something an adult would say.  Joan was ashamed to tell the woman this, particularly because the woman was clearing working and it was such a selfish statement.

So, instead, she would look down at the ground.  She wasn’t lying, and then the woman would leave.  It was a perfect solution.

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