Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guest Spot on Aiming Low, and KITTENS!

I clearly had no cat models for this piece.
One of my lesser-viewed-due-to-my-lack-of-interest-in-self-promotion posts was published on Aiming Low this week. It's a favorite, and you should check it out, not because of my preference, but because I feel sad that only one person has taken pity on me and commented. I'm terribly insecure. I knew I should have written something about kittens or Shades of Grey fan-fiction starring kittens.

I realize I haven't posted much recently and that's because I've been super-busy with school and keeping up with current events in these critical political times. Those pictures of Lindsay as Liz aren't going to gasp at themselves.

I'll be back soon. Promises.

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