Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chesapeake Bakery: Cupcakes on Parade

Today began as a study in disappointments, which meant I was entitled to eat my weight in sugar and caffeine until I no longer felt pain. The latte and scone I had for lunch didn't do the trick, so I decided it was time that Shiftless Hubbie and I visited the new cupcake place in Elkton. "New" being a relative term since I'm fairly certain I first heard about it last semester when my father staged some sort of Network-esque protest at being asked to pay paper money for a cookie. Predictably, since we waited more than six months to go to a food establishment in Elkton, the cupcake place was gone, replaced by a catering business, which was closed and gave no indication of when it would be open, so I can't give much more information. Best of luck to them.

The dramatic backdrop is a kitchen counter.
Annoyed, but only briefly deterred, we decided to try the new bakery in North East, Chesapeake Bakery. It is located on Route 40, where Johnny's Chicken used to be. Even before entering, I liked it better than the cupcake place in Newark because it isn't in Newark and better than the cupcake place in Elkton because it exists. Once inside, the decor was clean, but clearly still somewhat in progress. At this point it doesn't seem like a place where one would stay and nosh, so plan to take your treats home.

My completely unreliable memory is telling me that there were multiple types of cupcakes, cake pops, cake bites, pastries, breads and dog treats. All are baked in-house. Bread is baked daily, which gives me a great excuse to go back, buy a loaf and mellow out with some soft butter and a bottle of red wine.

But this visit was about cupcakes. We bought a dozen for $16 (six for $9, one for...I don't remember. Why would you buy only one?) Let's begin our frosting odyssey.

First, a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting: Delicious, moist, just perfect. My dad had two.
Curse you, iPhone, for your temperamental focus.
Second, maple bacon (Yes, bacon is in everything now.): I passed on the pig, but Shiftless Husband said it was heavenly (maybe he didn't use that exact word), but that the bacon was super sweet. That may mean it was just the right amount of sweetness because his palate is adverse to fun.

"Future's so bright..."
Raspberry lemon: The color is a bit disconcerting for anyone over the age of six, but the taste was more subtle and mature. The lemon frosting was rich and creamy with just a slight amount of tart. The lemon pudding center made the cake even more moist.
I believe in presentation, hence the paper plate.
Chocolate caramel: By this time, the kids were screaming like banshees that they had waited long enough for me to complete my artistic documentation and I have to admit I was rushed. I think there was some sort of filling in this cupcake, possibly a ganache, but I'm not sure. The cake seemed a bit drier than previous chocolate cakes, but still very good.
See? Banana bread.
Those are balls of caramel on top.
Chocolate covered banana: My mom loved this one because the cake was actually closer to banana bread but not like when I make it, in that it was moist and flavorful. The dried banana chip is a nice touch for those of us who are too shy to ask what things are.

Best for last.
Peanut butter cup: If you stuck a peanut butter cup in it, I would buy a brussel sprout cupcake and pay double the price of just the peanut butter cup. That's what it means to be an addict. Even if you don't share my chemical compulsion, this cupcake is delicious. Originally I thought I would have to eat the cupcake and the candy separately, but since the mid-Atlantic section of the United States has been in a giant steam-cooker for what seems to be an eternity of damnation, the peanut butter cup was soft enough to eat with the cake. Yay, upside!

You might have noticed that there aren't 12 different cupcakes here. That's because there weren't 12 different types and we didn't try the strawberry one because strawberries cause my sister to swell up and die. Besides, how much more evidence do you need that Chesapeake Bakery makes a great cupcake? Go find out for yourself. I've already forgotten whatever it was that ruined my day. Wait. Now I remember. Good thing there is one more peanut butter cupcake.

(The links are to Chesapeake Bakery's Facebook page. For those of you who insist on living "off the Book," the contact info is: 2288 Pulaski Highway, North East, MD, 1 (443) 877-6417. )


  1. I may have gotten drool all over myself.

    1. That's why if I dedicated myself to food review blogging, I would need a plastic keyboard cover.

  2. Hey, Liz, are we neighbors? Seriously. Very cool. Ellen and I are in Cecil County too. I feel our online and real life worlds colliding. Anyway, the cupcake place that was closed was my friend Amy's business. And I had no idea about the new bakery in Northeast. As you were, but this made me smile. Love the new format too. Erin

    1. Spooky...I'm an Elktonian and have been for most of my life. (I feel safe saying that because anyone who is stalking me online could seriously do better.) Is your friend the caterer? I was majorly saddened by the closed cupcake place and I express sadness using sarcasm. I've also been burned by Elkton caterers who left me. Remember Moveable Fare? That hurt. I could do a whole post on Elkton restaurants that have broken my heart.

      I'm still blown away that you are from Cecil County. Now I have to be extra careful about picking my nose in the car.

  3. It's a good thing you pointed out that the raspberry cupcake has pudding in it. I would have gotten it and been very sad as pudding makes me swell up and die. Or it makes me make a hideous face and spit it out in the floor like a 2 year old would do because I hate it that much. I can't remember which though. Also, mmmm, chocolate peanut butter cupcake, mmmm.

    1. So crazy about pudding. What do you think it is? You could always ask, because it might be a different recipe than standard pudding. It was like what comes in donuts, which I call pudding because I have no culinary experience other than eating, a lot.

      Yeah, the peanut butter cup one was just...I mean, what could be better?

  4. I haven't eaten breakfast yet and now nothing I find in the house will compare to a peanut butter cup cupcake. Those look so amazing. My stomach is rumbling.

    1. I definitely had a leftover chocolate with vanilla buttercream for breakfast. The peanut butters are long gone.

  5. Uh oh, I work right down the street from this place and every one of those cupcakes looked delish!! I didn't know stuff like this could come out of North East! Did you have dinner at the newly remodeled North East Chuck House beforehand? I heard it has a salad bar...sneezeguard and all.

    1. I took my mom to the North East Chuck house the last time it was remodeled. We walked in and everyone stared at us, but I was determined to eat at the "best restaurant in Cecil County." We have not been back.


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