Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hold my Tongue

I've been offered a job where I will need to be "on-call" the majority of the time. It seems like a good deal. The pay rate is way higher than I expected. What am I missing?

You are missing the fact that being on-call sucks harder than a thousand black holes; that's why the pay is so high.

Think about it: You will have all the stress of being a work, except you will also feel obligated to do chores and take care of your kids. Win-win!

Being on-call turns you into a ghost. People can see you and hear you, but you can't really do anything or go too far from your house. The sound of your phone ringing will turn your stomach in knots. If you don't get called in, you ruined your day for darn-near nothing. The pay is great, but it isn't worth the cost.

Why did your dog eat the Mr. Potato Head tongue?

Because he sucks harder than a thousand black holes.
Mr. Potato Head's Public Speaking Career is Over


  1. I have a ton of toys that look the same ;) We added a puppy to our house a few weeks ago and I'm finding chewed toys all over! Maybe it'd help if I could get my girls to stop leaving them around for him. I WAH and it is hard. I am pretty much on call always. When I leave the house though I just try to make sure I have whatever taken care of that I can. If someone calls me I just tell them I'm out and I will call back. Good luck if you decide to take it!
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    1. So, not that this is about me or anything, but hypothetically, that nature of this job is that the on-call person has an hour to arrive at the work site, hence the stress. I couldn't stomach being on-call all the time.

      For some reason, my dog is obsessed with Mr. Potato Head appendages right now. He looks really sad. He'll never keep Mrs. Potato Head happy that way.


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