Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Working Dead

Should I leave my job? I’m afraid I won’t get another one, but every day I wake up hating my life more and more. I’m worried if I leave I will lose my connections and I will miss feeling needed.

Do you hate your job or do you hate your life? Contrary to popular opinion, they are not the same thing. Your job is a part of your life. If it is the only part, then your life is sad, but it’s not your job’s fault. We all labor (literally) under the delusion that without our efforts, our company would cease to function, when, in reality, nobody wants your crazy, Herculean-effort. We want you to rest, bathe, and maintain a personal life. Before you give notice, spend a week improving your work/life balance. Re-connect with friends, take a class, write “The Walking Dead” fan fiction…whatev. Find a part of you that isn’t work-related. If you can’t pull yourself away from work, either because of real pushback or because you can’t seem to let go, then leave, because you are in a co-dependent relationship with your job and it cannot be salvaged. The best you can hope for is an awkward run-in at a corporate leadership seminar a few years down the road. Let’s hope your old job looks fat.

I'm 25. Why does life suck so hard?

Because 25 is like 17 except now you can rent a car and you’ve gained 15 pounds. Stick with us. 30 is awesome.

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