Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Minute Manners

If a teacher is wrong or is being confusing, I feel like I'm helping the class if I make* her clarify or correct herself. Am I wrong?

Aren’t you a humanitarian! I'm sure everyone is grateful to have you fight for their right to uncomfortably watch you skewer someone who had the nerve to say something either incorrectly or unlike you, with your crystalline communication skills. Here's an idea. Since you are in class, let's try having class.

Remember the Rumble in the Jungle fight? (Don't feel bad. Until I married Shiftless Daddie, I had never watched the 400 documentaries that have been made about Muhammad Ali.) Anyway, according to all 400 of those documentaries, Ali could have thrown one last punch as Foreman was going down, but he didn't. He showed restraint, because the fight was over. 

I'm not against asking questions and disagreement, but with respect and restraint. Next time you feel the urge to beat down someone who is taking the time to try and help you learn something, hold that punch. 

When I see someone I know and the person is with someone else, should I introduce myself?

No. It's much for fun for everyone if you remain silent and let me fumble for your name, which I have used 1000 times in past, but can't remember because you have put me on the spot. Who doesn't want to make casual acquaintances hang like socially awkward trout on a line? For the love of Jeebus, say your name!

*Edited for laziness. Now I think I'm over 250 words...

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